Highland Galvanizers

Highland Galvanizers and Colour Coaters

Highland pride themselves on delivering quality and innovation which lasts and the Tigershark team were briefed to deliver a video overview of the company, plus an in-depth explanation of the galvanizing and powder coating processes.

Highland provides galvanizing and powder coating for steel and aluminium. Highland is the only plant in Scotland and the North of England to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for galvanized corrosion protection and powder coated finishes. Our specialty is powdercoating on galvanized steel, branded by us as Colourgalv, and we also coat alumnium, castings, and other metals.

Galvanising involves the dipping of chemically cleaned steel into a bath of molten zinc. The resultant metallurgical reaction forms a series of zinc- iron alloy layers which provide a corrosion barrier both internally & externally.

Colourgalv blends the performance benefits of hot dip galvanizing with the extensive range of colours and textures available from powder coating means that all the colours and textures available for aluminium are now available for mild steel.