Jack Armstrong


International chemical distribution company Brenntag required a new training video to reinforce key messages to staff about the importance of internal procedures.

Mistakes can be extremely costly for any company, and not just in monetary or reputational terms.

Brenntag managers wanted a video which would be both eye-catching and memorable for staff as well as explore new methods of delivering health and safety instruction.

Tigershark’s scriptwriters took to the task with gusto and came up with Jack Armstrong Investigates, a short film in the Philip Marlowe detective genre with Jack Armstrong, an insurance claims investigator tasked with uncovering why the wrong confectionary product had been provided to a customer resulting in a serious illness for an end consumer.

A number of actors were involved, with both outdoor and indoor scenes required. Tigershark also made good use of a ‘green screen studio’ which allows actors to be filmed and then digitally inserted into different sets.

The end result is a very strong, atmospheric video which pulls no punches on delivering the Brenntag message.