Celts – National Museum of Scotland

Celts – fact or fiction?

Tigershark were delighted to be awarded the commission to produce 20 films and 9 touch screens for the ground-breaking Celts exhibition for the National Museum of Scotland.

This major exhibition, organised in partnership with the British Museum, details the complex story of the different groups who have used or been given the name ‘Celts’ through the extraordinary art objects they made and used.

Featuring more than 300 treasured items from across the UK and Europe, assembled together in Scotland for the first time, this is a unique opportunity to explore the idea of ‘Celts’ as one of the fundamental building blocks of European history.

The films form a key part of the exhibition, allowing visitors to delve directly into the intriguing history of the different tribes and their intricate artwork, jewellery and other artefacts.

Uncover the Celtic origins of many modern place names, hear the sound of a Celtic War Horn or learn how a first-time metal detectorist discovered a multi-million pound horde of Celtic gold in a Stirlingshire field.

Celtic sounds

Making the carnyx