Tigershark creates professional and innovative multimedia productions to engage and enlighten your target audience.

With any project, putting together the right creative team to work on the brief is essential before deciding which of the latest digital techniques can best be deployed to help hit the target audience with a compelling story.


We specialise in bringing your ideas to life - whether in video, 3D animation or motion graphics, with specially-composed soundtrack, professional voice over, special effects, or all of the above. 

We assist all our clients in putting together the right creative team for each project. We typically sit down with clients for an initial chat, host a number of brainstorming sessions, before working through some storyboards to fine tune the ideas into a strong visual concept.

Not all ideas make it, of course, but we like to think our approach gives them a better than even chance of not being left on the drawing board. Even if you have the whisper of an idea, give us a call and we will be happy to advise you on the best way to take it forward. 

A full production service can be fulfilled from an initial idea to final delivery - or alternatively, Tigershark can focus on any individual aspect of the above and work with our clients on a sub-contractor basis.

Got a great idea? Give us a phone on 01786 850 723 to discuss a free no obligation quote.

Tigershark - Bring your ideas to life!