Stirling Council

Stirling Council – Here to do Business

Stirling Council wanted an eye-catching and engaging video for the inaugural meeting and the Stirling City Commission which has been created to ensure Stirling evolves as an exciting city of the future and help guide its choices in infrastructure investment, business development and connectivity.

The council wanted a video which captured the spirit of the city in a business perspective and also to be used as a sales tool to promote the area as a business location in the heart of Scotland.

Against a very tight deadline of two weeks, Tigershark worked closely with the council team to deliver a video which featured some of the successful businesses already operating in the city.

Due to time constraints we had to very quickly rule out live filming on location. Instead, we set out to use green screen to film business owners giving interviews.

The brainstorm threw out a concept of a book telling the Stirling story, into which Tigershark would drop the interviewees and their businesses.

The council loved the idea and got on board quickly, so work was able to start straight away to create the template of the ‘book’.

The council were delighted with the end result and it went down very well at the inaugural commission meeting. The video is now being used on various platforms to promote Stirling as a business location of choice.